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How to Remove a Video from You Tube – Follow Some Steps!
08.12.2016 12:42

When we are talking about online tools, the name You Tube will surely appear at the top. Though it’s a website that allows people to share video content, then also it is considered as one of the most popular online tools that help people to watch videos that carry different messages and contents. But sometime people may not feel good about certain videos and they may wish to remove that video from You Tube and for how do I delete a YouTube video there is process. And things can become tough when you want to remove such a video that is not uploaded by you. In that case, you can contact the team of You Tube that handles such activities. You can mention them about the issue that you have faced while watching such video. In case they become assure that your complaint is genuine, they will take necessary steps to remove that video from the list. If you are still thinking that how to remove a video from YouTube you need to follow some steps. When you want to delete a video that is uploaded by you, you can go for the Video Manager page and choose the video that you want to delete. When you select the box, the Action menu appears. In that action menu, you can find the delete option. Once you click on delete, the selected video will be deleted permanently. This may you need to do when you find that a video is too old or getting outdated and you will want to know how to delete a YouTube video. You can even do this when you have many videos on your YouTube account.

Sign into Google Account.

Click at & sign in using button on right hand side and as marked. Ensure you are signing using same account, which has the YouTube channel.

Once you’re logged in, and then click on the Account Preferences.

Now, at next page, scroll to bottom of page unless you see an option of the ‘Delete account or services’. When you have found this, click on that.

In next screen, choose option ‘Delete products’.

Now, click on Delete icon to ‘YouTube’ & you are totally done. You’ve finally deleted entire YouTube channel.


Tips for deleting the videos from the YouTube as well as other video websites

Suppose you like to delete the videos from the YouTube or other video sites, then you should directly contact source. Often other video web sites may have way to access the account with them & delete same like you saw is a case with the YouTube. But, if you want video to be deleted that isn’t uploaded by you, you should get ready and face some setbacks before getting on what you want. Touch with department that actually deals with grievances and know how to delete a YouTube video. So what are you waiting for go on YouTube today.

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